Rajan Meena

Exploring the roads: Feed for our Hunger of Passion

When the work pressure was high, everyone was thinking about same agenda that, where to explore next. After a long discussion of BikerZ sToP, one guy suggested the idea to explore the heritage city of Rajasthan: yes it’s Jaipur

Don’t ask me who the guy was as the whole trip was dependent on him as he used to study and live there.

Now the trip begins…

We woke up early morning around 3, to avoid our motorcycle’s ignition sound disturbances in the locality; so we decided to drag all the motorcycles without ignition on till the locality boundary ends. Luckily as the darkness of the morning ended, the weather was awesome where the full highway was covered with the sheath of clouds with no rain.

Ridding was never before such extravagant on national highway 8

We reached outskirts of Jaipur where we visited Amer ka Kila and Nahargarh which is also a popular shooting location for the movie “Rang de Basanti”. And now finally after visiting those two places, we reach Jaipur by evening where the action begins, so the guy who CLAIMS to know everything about Jaipur proudly overtakes the other bikers and takes the lead.

Now first questions comes from our fellas is that where is Raj Mandir, the famous royally decorated Cinema hall. Our genius guy recommended going straight till the signal and then taking right which will make us reach the destination.  Everyone was happy with the guy’s confidence.

The moment we took right it was COAL factory. Our furious leader NEO got disturbed. Again the guy told that he remembered the right way. We fellas joined him and this time we reached a crowded market where it was difficult to ride on bike.  The guy was smashed to pieces J

But he didn’t give up.

We got the way to the movie hall but we fellas decided to have food before a movie. So search for a good restaurant begins. Now again our hero guy took a step to pay off for his previous mistakes and decides us to take to the best eating joint. We reach a place where everything was unusual but our fellas didn’t care much as they were hungry. So our friend Arun Menon takes the narrow stairs with ropes for restaurant in first floor where it was brightened by red light and a person was smiling and welcoming him. But suddenly our friend Dev shouts to inform that it was wrong place as we had to take adjacent stairs for the restaurant. My friend Arun was little suspicious of that place but hunger was deviating him from that particular thought.

We finally had our food and just to lighten up we started walking down the same street. We saw lot of ladies on balcony and waiving us. After more observation we realized that there was something wrong and when we discovered the truth, we all were shocked. And in actual term when Arun was entering that stairs, it was actually a brothel.

And then I was crushed again into pieces as the guy who was guiding the BikerZ fellas was ME 🙂

Exploring the roads of Jaipur by biking was our hunger and tours are the way to feed our hunger of passion.

I will surely continue more on this on my next writing edition..

Rajan Meena

Exploration Team

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