COMEBACK: The rise of Fallen

Suddenly at 3 in the morning I realized that I am actually going for my first Motorcycle tour from Delhi to Lansdowne which made me dizzy and scared.

Before this day I was so much excited about the plan of motorcycle tour that I couldn’t sleep and now when actual implementation time arose, there is perspiration all over

But there was something which was stopping me again and again…no that was not my mother….but that good-looking biker who wasn’t ready to drop me back home 🙂 🙂 hahahha….just kidding…

To admit or rather I would like to confess that I was SCARED of biking because of one accident which changed everything….2 years back…it all happened, when I was hit by a bus while riding my hero Honda CBZ, which resulted in fractured leg…injuries and bruises on shoulder and FACE!!!! 😦

 At that point of time I thought I had lost everything, as I imagined my face was in a pretty bad shape but luckily everything went well and recovery was fast. For a girl its little difficult to avoid thinking about such accident and continue back but Thank god..my face was clear as before with NO SCAR 🙂

But it was the interest and the passion in me for Motorcycles… that I collected some courage and went for the motorcycle tour. The moment we started the trip, I got the feeling that I got my love back after so long…after so much pain…but was little scared of accepting it and getting hurt again.. But there was something which was constantly motivating me for no looking back from now on.

Now not only I feel beautiful and confident because of that one trip that ignited the same spark in me but also helped me to overcome my fear and made me realize that no matter what I would continue to do motor biking throughout life and would explore destinations till the petrol is available in the my tank 🙂


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