Dev Magneto

The hidden power with in

The wind was blowing gently with a little ingredient of chill. The birds were chirping as if they were welcoming the change in the weather. And all of sudden I hear the sound of Arun standing with the team of BikerZ  sToP asking me ,whether I will join the trip of Badrinath.  I was very happy because it was just a motorcycle tour unlike adding the activity of trekking in the previous trip to Nainital where I got exhausted for 3kms trek in Naina Peak /China Peak.

So with a smile on face, Dev the trip guru i.e. me was ready for the trip.

The moment we crossed Badrinath and we reached Mana village very close to indo-Tibet border to understand that there is a huge waterfall from an elevation of 400 feet named Vasudhara falls forming an icy exoskeleton over the ground. People believe that the water falls turns away from those visitors who are not pure and clean at heart. But now the only problem was a trekking that also 5kms. BINGO!

I decided that by any means I will do this, I made myself strong and chanted few God’s name “BAM BHOLE BAM”, “JAI SHRI RAM” and then started my trek.  For first kilometer there were few shops and caves like Ganesha Cave, Vyas Cave and there was also a legendary bridge known as Bhim Pul. All were connected to Hindu mythology Mahabharata. After all this was India’s last TEA SHOP at the end of mana village near indo-Tibet border.


These all were exiting and motivating my determination and then after a kilometer, my body gave up and my determination had all come out via water through sweat. And then Arun instructed me to go back where the bikes were parked, as it was downhill, it was easy to walk down. But with my sad soul I started going back. Others all continued the trip.

While I was walking back, I wished that if I could be little more strong and determined, then I could have seen that particular waterfall. With trek elevation of 11204 feet and then that particular trek goes straight to swargarohini (path to heaven), I think the God heard my wish, as we were walking very close to him. I don’t know from where, there came a group of 10-12 girls and then the God murmured in my ears saying son dev live your life with a monstrous laugh. And then from where my hidden power got activated and then I was leaping from one point to another, crossing all small rivers and then caught hold of my friends. And then I was leading all of them. I think some girls got impressed too with my energy level and even my friends got astonished by the act.

And in the evening when we came back to Badrinath motel, Arun asked that did anyone of us had a conversation with those sweet looking ladies. And then I told all the fellas that I spoke to those girls. Everybody was surprised and exited to know the names and other information of the girls from me. And then I said that I told “excuse me” to those girls. Everybody burst into laughter and then they smashed me into pieces.

Moral of the story is that everybody has got a hidden power but the real game is to get the charger of it for the further activation on right time.

Dev Magneto

Exploration Team

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