About us

If you are planning a tour to India, and you itinerary list has two words “EXPLORATION” & “MOTORCYCLES”, then join us, BikerZ sToP® . From exploring Northern hilly Himalayas to western deserts, from central India traditional villages to southern ancient temples we have explored everything.

 Motorcycle is the best way for exploring the Indian landscapes which can be off-road tracks, fast and twisty mountain passes, or long distance cruising.

 For the tourist who believe in exploring the places with their own pace of time and with total independence with their group of close friends, we will be delighted to organize you a Self Guided Tour, specially customized and designed to replicate the same experience and thrill felt by us to our backpacker tourists.

 And for certain tourist we present the concept of power trip which is a Guided Tour, specially customized for the tourist who believe in riding and exploring continuously for long hours and have less time to pack up with all the destinations in India. One day power trips emphasizes on visiting important destinations near New Delhi without missing anything.

BikerZ sToP®  is a evolution from “thearunmenon” , a  research and development team which started since 2004 specializing the Indian terrain and are still exploring the various unexplored avenues for bikes, resulting in opening of a sole proprietorship business in biking, so that we can put the best rides and tours in your plan.

 We  tell our enthusiastic tourist bikers to take our motorcycles on rent and through our customized navigation technology ,we can help you to find the ways to discover the best places to ride. Our technology and services are beyond renting of motorbike but just at the cost of renting the same.

 What about the price? Is it too costly? We know this is what you would be thinking. So let me tell you, for all the bike passionate people, we just charge for the rent of the bike and other all services are just there to promote safe biking

 And ,So what if you are a girl who is married or you are all Girls gang who just want to do some biking, we are here to serve you all with our special team headed by biker gals.

 We are constantly making efforts to give our customer a WOW factor. Through our value add services we want our customers to get the same replicated biking experience which our team has experienced. That’s why we call it as EXPLORATION REDEFINED.

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