BikerZ sToP

Night at the Highway: The Lost secrets (Part II)

It’s not the ENDING. Sometimes, time freezes and one gets stuck between the unknown dimensions! You feel like escaping from that moment but the only way out is to find the right dimension where you started.

05:00 AM

Finally I reached home but it was little weird, there was a painful silence in the locality. I parked my motorcycle near the home and knocked the door. After few knocks with no response, I jumped through gallery. I was surprised to see that the doors were opened. I entered the home to find that there was nobody in it. The home was empty with no furniture’s, plants. I quickly ran outside but to my notice the full locality was like a ghost city– ABANDONED and LONELY. I was the only one present there. I picked my mobile phone to call my friends but there was no network.

I was LOST in some dimensions which was a replication to the original world. It not the ending!

04:00 AM

My logic of the unreal world was getting stronger and real. After driving through lonely road I could see trail of light of cars on the intersecting road. We got into that busy highway to reach home.

03:00 AM

I was leading the BikerZ sToP motorcycle team. We were now moving in constant speed but somehow after all those past incidences I felt we were travelling in some other dimension which was unknown and alien to me. I felt as if I was not in earth, but in some kind of matrix where everything was unreal and in precise a place which didn’t existed. There was no clue where we were heading towards. My thought process was disrupted by a strange scene which was happening on the roadside of highway. I could see three people walking on the road with blood stained over white shirt, they were limping and walking quietly. I couldn’t see any vehicle or site of accident. They didn’t ask for any help or tried to stop us. These facts and reasoning by my brain and with small intuition restricted me to stop at the site. I smelled danger and as I was leading the team, I had to take the decision; if I stopped everybody would stop so I decided to continue.

02:00 AM

We were driving in some highway with no street lights and lot of broken road, making it little difficult to ride. Our ride went slow with the new and unique difficulty- FROGS. The road was entirely covered with frogs and we were trying to ride motorcycle @ of 30kmph without crushing them. This continued till few kilometers.

Day 2- 12:00 AM

For few kilometers we were accompanied by the people carrying Kawad, after that it was a lonely road going between the fields. The weather got bad and I could see the lightning trail all over the sky. The sound of thunder was getting more loud and painful. But we didn’t give up, we continued until the next challenge came- the heavy RAIN. We rode till a point we could see a shelter, a tea shop. Unluckily it was closed; otherwise we could have got a cup of tea to pacify the cold. But luckily there was small tent around the shop where we had taken cover. Small streams of water were flowing around us but somehow we managed and tried to take a nap. The rain stopped and we decided to continue the journey.

Day 1- 8:00 PM

After enjoying the wonderful curves and turns of wet road we reached Haridwar. Suddenly the breeze turned into gust, as if nature is warning for something. The weather took a gigantic form of destruction in cloudy moon night. But unfortunately we had to continue touring due to some emergency of our tour mate at home.

The moment we entered Haridwar we saw Kawad yatra in progress. Kawad yatra is religious ritual done in India which is devoted to the lord Shiva; people from far villages and cities reach Haridwar in the month of July. All people carry old Kawad to Neel Kanth, Rishikesh or Haridwar and devote it to the river Ganges. The new Kawad is purchased and filled with Ganges water and journey starts back to home. Now due to this highway gets blocked, so we decided to take another road which is parallel to the highway.

04:00 PM

It was raining throughout, and our journey came to halt at outskirts of rishikesh in the late afternoon due to the heavy traffic on the hilly roads due to severe landslides. We could hear the mountain roar. It was not a good idea to be stop at one place as large boulders could come from mountain and roll you down the gorge. We started to move, as we were in motorcycle we crawled faster through the traffic. We reached a point where we saw the actual landslide. We crossed the gigantic lump of stones, boulders and mud which was lying on the road. Everybody crossed and waited for me at a safe distance but I stopped to take a snap of the lump due to landslide. I would have just taken two clicks that; suddenly I saw some of the stones rolling from the mountain to road. We somehow escaped and continued our journey.

07:00 AM

We started our journey on a chilly morning from the holy pilgrimage Badrinath .It was approximately 525 kms from our destination New Delhi. I decided to remove my biking jacket to feel the breeze. In just five minutes I started to feel the heat prick on my arms. I forgot that at an altitude of 11,000ft, the sun rays are so sharp that my hands and arms were burnt till core. This effect forced me to wear my jacket.

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