The Fear of UNKNOWN: SHORT CUT with BikerZ sToP

We call it a short cut! Wow!!

20Kmph- hilly road – no lights – the sound of bikes and the “barking and howling” of “the unknown”

Broken, hilly, narrow roads with a rocky gorge on one side. It was like travelling in a black hole where darkness engulfed the area. There were just the lights from our bikes which gave faith that we were going right.

Not to disregard, I was riding pillion on the last bike that all of a sudden, “the unknown” turns out to be chasing the bike in search of food. Yes, it was a jackal, or to be more precise JACKALS!!!

For the first time I thought if I ever escaped this situation, I’m gonna kill that bastard on riding seat. ARUN!!

Actually, this is what I can remember of my first trip to Kausani. We chose the course, called SHORT CUT, to Delhi from Ranikhet via Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand.

I guess you know that travelling after 8pm is outlawed on ‘that route’ – ‘who cares’ says DEV. He is always like this, speaking brainless (a victim of genetic disorder) –lack of grey cells; followed by repent.

Though this is a blog, and I am not gonna make a huge pile of words here, i’ll tell you THIS story some other time….so till then keep logged in!!

Surjit Singh

Exploration Team

2 thoughts on “The Fear of UNKNOWN: SHORT CUT with BikerZ sToP

  1. Good one Surjit!!! But i heard somthing about the hyenas wanting a piece of you…. wat was that…. i need details… Awsome work mate!!! Keep up!! God speed!

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